TTÜ Puhkpilliorkester


Tallinn University of Technology Wind Band (TalTech WB) was founded in 1950. Nearly 75 years it has been gathering players from all over Estonia and of different ages, from students to alumnis and professors of the university.
Despite the fact that players of TalTech WB are mainly amateurs, we like to take challenges and play quite complicated pieces. Our repertoire consists of different music styles ranging from folk, jazz and pop to classic area. We have often cooperation performances with singers, dancers, actors etc. Hence, everyone in the concert halls or outdoors can find their favourite niche to enjoy.  
In addition to our seasons full of various performances, we have taken part in several festivals and competitions in Estonia, Baltic States and further aboard (f.ex. song festivals in Estonia, Baltic Students´ Song Festivals “Gaudeamus”, competitions in Italy (2001), Hungary (2010), Latvia (2015 and 2017) etc. Besides this, we have travelled and performed in Russia, Finland, Czech Republic, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Creece, Croatia etc.
TalTech WB has won a lot of awards from Estonian Wind Band contests. For several years it has been competing in the highest category, and based on the results, TalTech WB has been nominated the best amateur WB in Estonia.


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